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Women should feel mighty pleased to know this, men only care about porn when they’ve got absolutely nothing important to do.

It’s true, because most men will forget all about porn if you keep him busy.

Hanging out with his hands in his shorts can at times, even feel a lot better than sex.

There’s no stress, and the fun time can stretch on for hours.

And after having finished all their work, they have nothing better to do than watch easily accessible naked women staring back at them while doing naughty things to themselves, other women or other horse-like men.

Here are a few that could help you understand his interest in all things naked on his computer screen.# A man gets to see more boobies A man can never see enough of them.All breasts may seem like the same for women, but those subtle dissimilarities between one pair and another make the men want to see all of them.Sometimes falling out is catastrophic and that may be what happened to the guy in the pic.Poking forward after slipping out can put a kink in the big guy that may never recover.

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